I was born in the island of Cuba, surrounded by the enchantment that emerges from the magical blue of the sea, the emerald green of the palms and the vibrant colors of its flowers, thus my dynamic color palette reflected in my paintings.

I have been painting ever since I can remember, with great interest in reading, painting, writing and traveling. I won several awards from art institutions for my abilities with form and color. I took private painting lessons for some time and left the island in 1972 to Spain, my grandparents homeland. I came to the United States in 1975. Later on, I founded an artistic painting company and have been contracted by national and international companies like Hugo Boss, Gianni Versace, Christian Dior, L’Occitane, Tommy Bahama, The Cheesecake Factory franchise and several stores and hospitality entities to enhance their spaces thru my painting abilities.

Some of my paintings are at different private and institutional collections, such as the IPIC Theater Group in Maryland, private clients in Fisher Island and Boca Raton, New York, an investment group specializing in high end restaurants and the contemporary art collection at Citibank, Pompano Beach, Florida.

Having a business name does not separate the business entity from the owner, which means that the owner of the business.

Mari's Art Studio Founded 1992

Founded by Maricarmen Fernandez

Maris’s art has been displayed in exhibits across the country. She has been commissioned by prestigious institutions such as Hugo Boss, Gianni Versace, Tommy Bahama, L’Occitane and Cheesecake Factory among many others, to use her painting abilities to decorate and enhance their spaces.

Maris Art Studio