08 May
  • By Al Gar
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When I lay down to go to sleep at night, there are a host of thoughts and anxious questions that start reeling through my mind. These questions need to get set aside so that I can give my body rest. Last night though, as my community enters a 2 week period of “social distancing” to help prevent the spread of Corona Virus, I felt so grateful that I have my art to help me through this time, but I wanted to identify a way to help you use your art to help yourself feel better too.

I want you to offer you art tools to weather this time of social distancing, but also to embrace the opportunity it offers us to dive more deeply into beauty, mystery, and nature. I’m not saying that art is a cure all, but it helps. And anything we can do to help ourselves feel better is important. This time is hard. I know from years of experience with my own art and with students and clients that even when things are terribly dark, art has a powerful ability to bring light, hope, and meaning to our lives.

How do you invite more art into your life right now?

Learn to See Like an Artist

If you can do so, get outside, even in your own backyard. Be on the lookout for beautiful colors, shapes, patterns. Pretend you’ve just landed from outer space – look at what you see with new eyes – as though you’ve never seen it before. Bring your phone and take photos of the little surprises you find. Perhaps collect beautiful fallen pods, leaves, or branches, and then draw them too.

Draw Mundane Things

Even the most “mundane,” “boring,” objects have life and spirit when you draw them in your own imperfect, wonky way. Think about drawing something that you interact with daily – the coffee maker, your daughter’s sneakers, the medicines in the cabinet. There is beauty and calm to be had in slowing down to see anew and draw the objects that surround us daily.

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