03 Jun
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What does it take to be an artist? How do we create art that touches hearts and changes the world? Can we change the world with our art? If we can, what kind of world do we want to create? Should we immerse ourselves in learning style and technique and cut ourselves off from the world so we can focus and create better and better artwork?

What are your thoughts?

A week ago, I spent Memorial Day playing with grandchildren and hanging out with family. I had so much work to do – was it smart to take the day off? In fact, I have so much I feel compelled to accomplish and learn it would take two or more full lifetimes to do it all. How do we decide where to put our energy?

Years ago (the early ‘90s), I read an interview with a prominent sculptor who left his wife and 3 daughters so he could give his full attention to his art. He said that his family understood the importance of his work and supported his decision. Bull pucky! What a load of elitist hooey – a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!

United, loving family relationships bolster and benefit society to extent that art, no matter how masterful, can never duplicate or approach.

However, that interview touched a chord in me at the time because I was given similar advice by my dad when I was young. He told me artists need to live Bohemian lives, never marry or have kids, so they can master their craft without getting distracted.

Maybe he was right – he does have a genius I.Q

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